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  • Virtue Dealer Agreement

    Virtue's mission is to make performance products that exceed the expectations of the dedicated paintball player and are designed to win by a competitive advantage on and off the field. Ensuring a great fit between the Virtue brand and our Dealers who represent Virtue is critical to our mutual success. To maintain active dealer status the following must be complied with, presentation of the Virtue brand, third party reselling policy, order frequency/ amount, minimum advertised price and payment terms.

    Active Dealer Status

    1. Presentation of the Brand.
    Virtue is committed to providing you every possible tool to drive sales. Virtue products presented online or in print must show the current product images and descriptions found in our Dealer Resources section. All Virtue products must be identified with the Virtue brand name and the current product name (i.e.“Virtue Spire 260 Loader - Graphic Red”). In-store presentation is critical to the success of the product. Where Virtue promotional materials and signage is provided, Virtue Dealers agree to make use of them. We recommend when possible display all Virtue products together.

    2. Order Frequency and Amount. The minimum initial order amount for new Virtue Dealers is $1000. To maintain active status dealers must place an minimum of two orders per year with a total that exceeds $500.

    3. Minimum Advertising Price (MAP). Virtue expects that all Virtue products, except as otherwise noted, will be advertised at MSRP or MAP.

    4. MAP Holiday Sales . Virtue protects the value of its brand and the profit margin of its Dealers through our MAP policy. However, to allow Dealers increased flexibility in their sales promotions and customer acquisition programs, Virtue will offer periodic MAP Holiday promotions, which allow authorized Dealer to buy additionally discounted products and sell them below MAP during a limited time frame. Dealers will be notified of MAP holidays in advance of the pending sale. Virtue products are not to be advertised at below MAP prices outside these promotional periods.

    5. Payment Terms. Shipments out of Virtue Paintball New York require prepayment via credit card, bankwire, paypal, check or COD for all Dealers. There is a $25 fee for all returned checks. Shipments out of Virtue Paintball Vienna, Austria require prepayment via credit card, bankwire, or paypal.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Pricing. All Virtue pricing is subject to change without notice. Please contact your Sales Representative with any questions.

    2. Shipping. Orders ship within 1-5 business days after receipt. Orders placed out of the New York warehouse before 12pm (ET) will typically ship the same day. Orders placed out of the Austria warehouse before 12pm (CET) will typically ship the following day. Standard shipping is UPS Ground (UPS Standard) service, with freight charges prepaid and added to the invoice. Alaska, Hawaii, and Canadian customers, please inquire about our USPS shipping options. Refused shipments will incur a 20% restocking fee applied against the order total, plus freight charges to and from the Dealer’s location.

    3. Shipping Discrepancies & Shortages. Shipping discrepancies, shortages, or invoicing errors must be reported to Virtue Customer Service within three business days of shipment receipt.

    4. Backorders. Standard shipping charges apply to backorders.

    5. Virtue Guarantee. Some Virtue products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty for the useable life of the product. At a minimum, Virtue guarantees all of our gear against defects in materials and craftsmanship for a minimum of 90 days after purchase. Please note this guarantee does not cover damage caused by abuse, neglect or normal wear. Virtue reserves the right to replace the item at our discretion.

    6. Other Terms. The terms specified herein are the only terms under which Virtue will sell our merchandise. We do not agree to terms and conditions stipulated on a buyer’s purchase order or similar documents unless an agreement is reached in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Virtue.

    7. Termination
    Virtue reserves the right to terminate or modify this agreement at any time. All provisions set forth in these Terms of Use shall survive termination.

    You must agree to Dealer Terms and Conditions in order to proceed with this application.